• Computer Forensics
    Computer/Network Forensics is the key to determining
    the root cause of any computer related event.

Data Defenders Computer/Network Forensics solution focuses on acquiring and analyzing digital artifacts (data) on computer, server, and network and other devices that store or process data to determine the root cause of a computer-related event.

Computer forensics refers to the practice of acquiring digital information (from computers and digital storage media) used to determine the root cause of a computer-related event. A computer-related event means that something occurred that caused routine system operations to be negatively impacted that produced unexpected results. To determine root cause of a computer-related event, you must basically determine what happened to the system and how it happened. Along with the goal of determining root cause, maintaining the verifiable integrity of digital information acquired and analysis processes are also important parts of the computer forensics process.

The computer forensics method also can be used to validate pre-use software by using the data acquisition method to acquire and hash the software before it is deployed to a system. For post-use validation, the computer forensics method can easily be used to validate all static files in the system.

The computer forensics process can be used on any electronic device: from a computer, cell phone, or personal digital assistant (PDA) to the global positioning system (GPS) system in a car, an automated teller machine (ATM), a digital camera, and storage media. If the electronic device stores data, that data can be retrieved and examined using computer forensics.

As a result of the growth of the integration of technology in our lives (the Internet of things) and the increased opportunity for its misuse, computer forensics has become an extremely important process in law enforcement, corporate information technology (IT) management, government IT management, and litigation activities.

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