• Data Shield Managed Security Services
    managed technology suite of solutions, is designed

    to offer security management to constantly protect

    your organization's technology infrastructure.

A recent small business data security study conducted by an international telecommunications provider concluded: 65% of security all related attacks are directed at small businesses with less than 100 employees.

What's the reason for this? Small businesses maintain the most insecure technology infrastructures. There are a number of contributing factors such as system, network, and software configuration issues that lead to insecure infrastructures. However, the biggest contributing factor is the lack of affordable expertise and scalable solutions that can be used to effectively mitigate these issues. This fact being known by malicious actors, coupled with new trends in financially-based cybercrimes, make small businesses prime targets and has led to a significant increase in cybercrime related attacks directed at small businesses. You may be using endpoint security countermeasures such as McAfee or Norton firewall and virus detection software, to protect your business but these countermeasures are limited in their capability to adequately protect your entire infrastructure. It's about time that affordable, robust, and comprehensive data security solutions were made available to you to help you better manage, grow, and protect your business.

What is Data Shield?

Data Shield, part of Data Defenders' Data D-Fense 24/7TM managed technology suite of solutions, is designed to offer robust security management to constantly protect your organization's technology infrastructure.

Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability management focuses on identifying and remediating vulnerabilities on an ongoing basis. Constant vulnerability management increases the probability of discovering system vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by someone with malicious intentions.

How Vulnerability Management Works?

Data Defenders' vulnerability management service can be used in both and online and on-site format. Either way, Data Shield will constantly scan your technology infrastructure, based on the frequency you define, for the following types of system level vulnerabilities: Once vulnerabilities are discovered, our Centralized Help-Desk engineers will quickly remediate them ensuring continuous protection for your business.

Event Management

Data Defenders' event management service focuses on monitoring, analyzing, and qualifying all system events that occur on your systems being actively monitored. E vent management allows our Centralized Help-Desk engineers to identify and respond to system events that are malicious in nature to prevent these events form having a negative impact on your business.

How Event Management Works?

Event Aggregators collect, categorize, organize, and correlate events that occur on each system and between systems and network devices. The goal is to identify chains of events that may lead to malicious incidents negatively impacting your business. These aggregators are monitored in real-time by our Centralized Help-Desk engineers that can act to coordinate response activities to mitigate potential system damage.

Data Shield Solutions

Data Shield - Desktop

Provides secure, user configured, continuous access to all your important data.

Data Shield - Server

Provides secure, user configured, continuous access to all server data at the file, disk, and image level.

Data Shield - Network

Provides continuous event monitoring of network transactions and continuous assessment of network and security devices to maintain optimum security levels.

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