COVID-19 Response and Resources

All over the world people are sheltering up and working from home, but this also opens up companies to a greater threat exposure and cybersecurity risk.

Data Defenders has been helping our clients prepare and protect their companies for years.

With the epidemic on hand and many organizations having to quickly transition to working from home there are many cybersecurity demands that have not been needed before. Smaller companies are especially vulnerable as they have often not had to prioritize cybersecurity in their day-to-day working environment.

Increased employees working from home

We specialize in making sure people working from home are not exposing the company to risk. Data Defenders has a team of experienced and certified risk analysts that will provide you with a detailed analysis of the threats most pertinent to your industry and individual business operation.

Interruption of business operations

Data Defender’s business continuity and disaster recovery experts will build a business continuity plan specifically tailored to meet your business needs.

Outdated or no risk assessment

Data Defenders provides an assessment of the physical, programmatic, and technical defenses your business has in place to mitigate risk.

Poor and/or outdated guidance can result in crucial delays and a damaging loss in revenue. Data Defender’s team of professionals will help to walk you through your business continuity planning to ensure its performance when the need arises.

Data Defenders will help to guide your business through the world of emerging threats and help to ensure cyber security resilience of your business and its future.


Other questions to consider:

  • Can Your Vendor(s) Continue to Perform?
  • How does your organization utilize virtual meetings?
  • What travel or trade restrictions are you considering or implementing?
  • What organizational response team roles and responsibilities have been assigned?