Cyber Risk Management

An effective Cybersecurity Program starts with understanding your organization’s cyber risk profile.

Does your organization maintain sensitive and critical information?

Do you understand your organization’s risk profile?

Does your organization know its critical business path?

The most important component of an effective Cybersecurity program is understanding the organization’s cyber risk profile. This understanding supports the prioritization of effort and resources (including money and human capital) in developing and implementing an effective cybersecurity program to mitigate your cyber risk profile. Without an understating of the risk profile, no cybersecurity program can properly mitigate the risks of disruption to the organization’s operations.

To achieve effective cyber risk mitigation, the organization must identify its cyber risk profile and develop a risk management strategy focused on protecting the assets associated with the critical business path and operations. The organization should seek to integrate risk management standards such as NIST 800, COBIT, and ISO to develop risk management strategies that establish industry alignment and regulatory compliance.

Data Defenders’ customers have achieved great cybersecurity program management efficiencies when adjusting their focus to understand their cyber risk profile first. Learn more about how Data Defenders can help your organization achieve the same efficiencies.