Cybersecurity Architecture

Is your cybersecurity architecture adequate to deal with today’s technology threats and risks?

Are your cybersecurity controls and protective countermeasures in-line with industry standards and government regulations?

Are your cybersecurity controls and protective countermeasures adequately protecting your information systems and data?

Most organization’s cybersecurity infrastructures have evolved in an ad hoc manner focused on securing technology based on fears communicated in the industry and media. This evolution lacks the strategy and alignment to appropriately manage and mitigate the organization’s cyber risk and threat profile. A cybersecurity architecture that lacks the operational and strategic maturity necessary to effectively mitigate risks and threats against an organization leaves the organization in a continuously vulnerable state.

While ensuring the security of your organization’s technology infrastructure and information is important to its operations, so is managing its cybersecurity infrastructure, its cost of implementation and operations, establishing and maintaining regulatory compliance, alignment with the organization’s risk management strategy, as well as support and enforcement of cybersecurity policy within your organization.

Data Defenders’ Cybersecurity Architecture Management solutions ensure that your organization has the appropriate cybersecurity management strategies and architecture in place to achieve and maintain the highest possible cybersecurity profile for your organization.

To achieve the necessary level of operational and management maturity requires:

  • An understanding of the organization’s mission and business operations strategy
  • An understanding of the organization’s risk profile and threat landscape
  • Developing a cybersecurity program that directly addresses the organization’s risk profile
Our solutions seek to develop a strong relationship between the organization’s business operations and its cybersecurity strategy by understanding the risks to its technology infrastructure and information and how that translates into risks to the organization’s critical business infrastructure and operations.

Ongoing management of your cybersecurity architecture is necessary to ensure that risks to the business operations continue to be appropriately mitigated. Data Defenders’ cybersecurity architecture management methodology ensures that an organization has the appropriate management strategy in place to address the operational integrity and security of the organization’s information systems.

Data Defenders’ methodology assesses the organization’s

  • Ability to minimize cybersecurity risks associated with its employee’s behavior
  • IT management strategy to ensure that its internal operations are not being exposed to undue cyber risks
  • Active infrastructure monitoring capabilities
  • The effectiveness of the organization’s technical controls to accomplish the objectives in its cybersecurity policies and overall program

Our Cybersecurity Architecture Management solutions can help your organization mitigate the cyber threats and risk that can have a significant impact on the operations of your business.