Data Shield™ Managed Security Services

Become a fully secured business that’s ready to detect and deal with cyberattacks.

A recent small business data security study concluded that 65% of all security-related attacks are directed at small businesses with less than 100 employees

Small and medium-sized businesses are more likely to be targeted for Cyberattacks.

What is the reason for this? Small businesses maintain the most insecure technology infrastructures.

Malicious actors know this fact, and, when coupled with new trends in financially-based cybercrimes, it makes small and medium-sized businesses a prime target for cyberattacks.

The single biggest factor is the lack of affordable expertise and scalable solutions to effectively mitigate these issues.

The solution is Data Shield, the best in managed security services
from Data Defenders®.

Data Shield™ robust security management

Part of Data Defenders’ Data D-Fense 24/7™ managed technology suite of solutions, is designed to offer robust security management to constantly protect your organization’s technology infrastructure.

Data Shield™ behavioral and reputational analytics

Part of the Data D-Fense 24/7™ managed technology suite of solutions. It uses behavioral and reputational analytics and robust threat intelligence to deliver the most effective threat detection available today. Often, latent threats or malicious attacks are only discovered when it’s too late. With Data Shield’s™ active monitoring, we catch this activity in time to stop it.

Data Shield™ real-time detection and rapid response

When a cyber-related incident does occur, Data Shield’s™ real-time detection and rapid response ensures quick recovery to keep you up and running. Data Shield’s™ five service components can be integrated or function independently for customizable, scalable security for your growing small, medium, or large-sized business. We conduct a comprehensive baseline of your network to identify risks and launch the best measures to protect your digital infrastructure.