Cybersecurity Advisory Services

Data Defenders understand that the security of your technology infrastructure is as important as your business infrastructure, your work force, and your customers.

In today’s environment, no business can effectively deliver products, services, or other solutions without having a secure technology infrastructure to support its objectives and operations.

Having an efficiently running technology infrastructure allows your business to effectively manage communications and information sharing, customer relationships, employee productivity, business growth and expansion, and positions your business to effectively participate in this new global economy.

However, misaligned business and IT strategies or technology infrastructure problems can cause major issues in your business’ operations. These issues can prevent a business from accomplishing its mission and manifesting its vision.

Data Defenders understands the challenges of implementing and managing an IT infrastructure that is aligned with the business’ mission and strategy. We understand that with the evolution and integration of technology from the headquarters to the field, there is also an expansion and drastic change in the risks that threaten the business’ ability to successfully offer its services.

Our understanding translates into cybersecurity solutions that enable your business to accomplish its mission and execute its strategies while helping you mitigate and manage the risks that today’s technology can expose your business operations to.

Our solutions are concerned with mitigating risks related to the operations of your technology infrastructure. Risks to the normal operations of your technology infrastructure can manifest in many ways such as system configuration issues, system management issues, system availability issues, and user related issues.

All of Data Defenders’ solutions incorporate a unique and core focus on cybersecurity. Our methodology is included as a component of all of our professional services which ensures that not only are your systems or technology infrastructure operating as expected, it also ensures that your technology infrastructure and information are secure.

The benefit to your business is that you maximize the value of your IT expenditures and you have top industry systems, network, and cybersecurity engineers partnering with you to ensure that your information and your technology infrastructure are secure.