• Data D-Fense 24/7
    Data D-Fense 24/7 is a comprehensive managed technology
    solution for small-to-midsize businesses that combines our
    system management and security expertise with the latest with
    the latest system management technologies.
  • Professional Services
    Learn how robust auditing and Cyber Security management
    solutions from Data Defenders aid large organizations in
    protecting the operational integrity of their information
    technology infrastructures.
  • Applied Computer Forensics
    The Data Defenders Applied Computer Forensics service is
    designed to enable the election jurisdiction, or any organization,
    to maintain the highest level of operational integrity.
  • Professional Services for
    Government Organizations
    The Data Defenders provides support to ensure data security
    and efficient operations for government organizations.

Data Defenders® is a comprehensive provider of Information Security, Managed Technology, Applied Computer Forensics, and Professional Services solutions to the corporate, government, and consumer marketplaces.

Our mission is to enable our clients to accomplish their missions by being the Defender of their information world! Our depth of experience and our comprehensive service methodology allows us to ensure that a focus on information security begins at the system design phase, manifests in the development and implementation phases, and continues on in the life-cycle management phase. Our comprehensive methodology manifests in the following solutions and service offerings:

  • Professional Services
    Data Defenders Professional Services
    seek to create and maintain alignment
    between your business operations and
    IT Infrastructure. Learn more about
    our Professional Services Solutions.
    Applied Computer Forensics
    Data Defenders'
    Applied Computer Forensics™
    solutions have enabled the use of
    computer forensics in various
    industries such as election
    administration. Learn how our
    Applied Computer Forensics
    solutions can help your business
    address its auditing and Security
    Event Management needs.
    Data D-Fense 24/7
    Data D-Fense 24/7™ is a comprehensive managed technology solution
    that combines our system management and security expertise with the
    latest system management technologies to offer an efficient,
    cost-effective, and time-saving approach to managing system and
    applications that run your business. Learn how Data Defenders can
    help your business better manage your IT Infrastructure.